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LightWave LightWave

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i love it!

i love this song, and im gonna make a remix of it! check your pm's! 5/5!


PSYko [preview] PSYko [preview]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

lol 1::[>.<]::>

sweet song. im sorry basshunter stole ur smiley. yea that rewind thing whatever it was gave it a cool feeling but after a while it started to get annoying. and oh yea alot of times the volume of an insturments randomly faded out for a few secs. cool effects and synths though. just add a little diversity and turn this into a full song and you;ve got my download! yo review me back


DnX-Danefex responds:

those fade in and outs would be freaking vanguard demo, stupid yeah i totaly hate basshunter for takeign my sig. d[-.-]b ill give it a more tiesto feeling. with the synth in the second half

H6 - Flying in the sky H6 - Flying in the sky

Rated 5 / 5 stars


cool effects, good use of the rev cymbals then crash. i also liked the bass synth you used. good little riff, a little repetitive but it does its job. all you needed is a little diversity. i mean, you had the solo and all, but it repeated like 4 times, so yea, it sorta got repetitive. also you had weird intros and outros, the beggining just had the gradually distorting kick, it didnt really build up, know what i mean? and the outro ending, it just randomly got faster, you should just make it get faster slowly, and like fade out. i dunno. you're improving alot from your older songs. good luck in the future! 5/5 and a download...check out my page too please


Heaven6 responds:

sorry dude, but this is the wrong file. THIS is the right file. . I mest up on the tempo. This one will soon be deleted then i'll post the right one up. thanks anyways!

System Override (MS RAVE) System Override (MS RAVE)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

thank you for making it full length!!!

i loved the preview for this and i loved this even more! like i said b4, beautiful synth harmony in the beginning! and after that i thought it was good except maybe a few too many fx... i think they should have been a little quieter if anything. it progressed nicely in to the climax. but it was a shame, during the climax there was a little too much going on and i couldn't hear it! and also i think the back ground synths over powered the siren sounding thing, which i believe was part of the System override theme. great kick!
this was great and i'm definitely downloading it. cool synth during the lazer fx.
(was that siren sound from total anialation?)

5/5 and a download from me.i think i have a new one coming out in maybe a few days, so, keep posted!


Music-story responds:

Yeah, you share accounts with another person? I used alot of fx cause I wanted to go all crazy. I am going to buy a new program soon so I decided to just use all my program's features quickly in one song. I didn't use all of them, but I am running out of good fx sounds quickly. The part where you couldn't hear too well was done to show a system crash or chaotic event. I should have increased the siren volume. Oh well. I'm not sure what total annilation is, but I guess it could be from whatever this thing is. Thanks for your vote. I need them cause strangely enough the blammer loves to only 0/5 F-777 and my dance songs in the dance genre "right at the moment". Kinda sucks but not a big deal. I'm just happy that you and all my reviewers liked this song. This is encouraging so making my 2nd rave is a real possibility soon. I'll check out your stuff....but in your song description make sure you put "mawkeetus" so I know you made it and not the other guy who also shares your account. Why don't you guys just make separate accounts? Okay bye for now

Robo Run Robo Run

Rated 5 / 5 stars

yep, this is defintley dnb

this song is pretty cool, especially for your 2nd submition. just a few things you should improve on. to begin with, there is the kick. use a diffrent one, like the ones in dance are good. but the standard FL kick is pretty cheap. i must say the other sounds you used were pretty cool though. but yyou definetley need to make an ending! you can just have the song end like that. i gave it a 5/5 and a download, i'll be looking forward to future sumbitions on your page. this kind of goes with the ending thing, but you should work on making your songs longer.i hope this review helped. check out my page too


Smackwad responds:

thanks for the rewiew defiantly helped a lot. ya i know i need an ending. i'm still working on that.

Warp In Warp In

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

meh... its ok

this is ok... it needs to be much more diverse though... mild drums and everything, but you just need to add a lot more on to it. it really bored me

keep tryin'

-mawkeetus speaking from the bmc-audio account

Syntrus responds:

You will be hearing from me.

Falling off the building Falling off the building

Rated 4 / 5 stars

meh... its ok

i notice that with most of your songs especially more technoey stuff, you lack the depth in the song. i mean that two ways. One, the melody and structure of the song itself and two, the actual sound has no depth. master it so it has far away sounds and close sounds and different volumes. also add some reverb on there.

if you have any questions about mastering and stuff, comment one of my songs and ill respond to it.

good song, 4/5 from me. check out my songs sometime.
i share an account, and my songs have "mawkeetus" or "m" written in front of the title.


Cross The Nebula Cross The Nebula

Rated 4 / 5 stars

good job...

i thought that the drums could have used a little bit of reverb, or a little more if it already had some. let the bass do its thing and make sure its heard... if you do a 2.0 of this, then i'd definitely like to hear that. good choice of back g. synth but i felt that its notes clashed sometimes with the main melody instrument.

good work, try to add some more diversity in your next one, and keep the listener inerested.

check out some of my songs when you get the chance

-mawkeetus speaking from the BMC- audio account

EvilAnimator responds:

Thanks, im trying so hard making a melody kinda beat, but then it just doesnt come out the way i want. Ill keep trying and see waht i come up with.

number two number two

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


i doubt this was downloaded by 2000 diffrent people...maybe 20, or even 200, but not 2000...

xx-soto-xx responds:

i do too lol but dont bite the hand that feeds you ^.^

Solus- Crystalline Solus- Crystalline

Rated 5 / 5 stars

whoa, nice

this is like, the defintion of ambient. im suprised this song has yet to be used in a flash! it would be the best ever for a peaceful part. i can even see it being used in a vg! really cool, spacey feel, like you said, universal. now i know its ambient, but you should have but just one part in it, that the whole song kinda leads up to. just some cool fx or a slow little melody, i dunno. that may have ruined the feel. great job! im suprised i havent discovered your audio earlier. now, according to your sig, you will review me back! :D
if there was an '11' in clarity, i would give this song it!


SolusLunes responds:

Alright, alright, I'll post the long version on here (as soon as I think it's awesome enough to be with these other songs.) :D

Just for you. 'Cause I'm that nice.